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  • “When I first heard the title “Irish Monastic Tour”, it sounded like some excursion my grandparents would have suggested, and I envisioned all of the countless dry museum tours I had been on in the past.  This tour, however, is far from that.  I’m sure that the professors and students I travelled with would all agree that this tour makes history come to life.  I was able to earn credits for my university in the United States while adventuring through Ireland.  It truly felt like a vacation, but I learned an incredible amount.  When I was able experience history with all of my senses, the stories and information stuck with me far more than any article, lecture, or film.  I also felt a deeper connection with the land I was exploring. Even though my learning was intended for course credit, I felt myself becoming so attached to the rich culture and traditions that continue to thrive in Ireland.  Not to mention all of the fun I had while traveling.  The bus rides, long walks through ancient ruins, hikes by the ocean and cozy pubs made for memories I’ll never forget." Jillian Parker, Undergraduate Student at the University of Dayton 2019
  • “Thérèse was an excellent guide, brought historical events to life”.

    - St Patrick's tour participant

  • “I found everything very interesting and informative. Would do it again.”

    - European Sociology of Religion conference participant

  • “Dr Cullen, created a positive atmosphere, expressed a real love for her people and enthusiasm for her own history”.

    - Classical Association of Ireland

  • “I will recommend the tour to everyone who comes to visit Northern Ireland.”

    - St Patrick's Tour participant

  • Our family had an enormously successful trip to Ireland for 2 weeks in May 2015, thanks to the planning and implementation of Dr. Therese Cullen, PhD, and her company, Irish Monastic Tours. We knew our trip would be wonderful due to Therese's superb credentials, but this trip greatly exceeded our expectations. There was an excellent mix of the fantastic Irish scenery, typical tourist sites, historical sites, monastery ruins, and great interactions with the friendly and witty Irish people. Dr. Cullen's knowledge of Ireland is impeccable and she has a terrific personality that makes the trip even more enjoyable. We can only highly recommend the professional services of Irish Monastic Tours and Dr.Therese Cullen.

    -Paul and Carol Hamm, Memphis, Tennessee